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The New Normal – Covid 19

Updated: May 27, 2020

The way that a business responds during a crisis is important. The news that a young neighbor of mine had thrown herself out of her window during the lockdown, sadly suffering severe spinal injury, is a stark reminder of how mental health has suffered during this time. One kind word can save a life – I really believe this.

Sending 100 free pamper packages to customers (2/3rds of these delivered on foot - I have the blisters to show for this) and using the business premises as an outreach for customers in need of supplies are two of our initiatives so far to remind our community that we are there for them. Someone thought of you today and you are not alone. Navigating a business during a crisis is heartfelt and responsive in live time to an extent, but what about the future? This is a prospect, to be honest, that I find a little daunting.

Whenever I consider sending out something external or new for Luka Dayspa and Salon I compare this to my Brand list - a mental checklist of; is this item consistent with my brand ethos and ideals?

‘Beauty concept’, ‘tasteful’, ‘expertise’, ‘creative’, ‘fun’, ‘vibrant’, ‘clean’, ‘kind’, ‘professional’, ‘Mediterranean’, ‘chilled’, ‘life-style’ are buzzwords which have featured in this list. ‘Spit shield’, ‘wipe down’, ‘layoff own mother’ are not items or agendas which feel congruent to this, however seem to run predominantly in my mind space at current.

Staff and customer health are the highest priority for businesses hoping to reopen soon. We are fully stocked with PPE and cleaning equipment. The A team and B team are on standby (the idea of having two separate teams within the team so that if someone gets sick in team A, team B can cover). We can luckily maintain 2 meters between customers by sacrificing one work station and income stream only. My receptionist, and mother, will need to do fewer days and more remote working to keep the ‘people traffic’ as low as possible - her help is invaluable to my business, given that I work fulltime alongside it. She brings a sense of calm that I, often running at 100 miles an hour can lack, so this will be a real struggle for me. Unfortunately, this all seems to be the ‘new normal’ that we are just going to have to get on with. We have shown already to have been so adaptable; I hope this will continue and such measures can be integrated into our recreational activities with ease. Inevitably, a post Covid environment, will create difficulty for businesses.

We are ultimately prepared, so now it is just a matter of wait and see and what will be, will be.

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