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‘When I feel like it productivity’

An unexpected side effect of the UK Corona lockdown that I am experiencing is as follows; ‘When I feel like it productivity’. This is somewhat akin to letting a child dress itself.

Coming from someone that has jam packed every moment of their day to maximize efficiency, probably since I age 11, this is revolutionary. With fewer time and location constraints, I am still busy, productive and efficient – but on my terms. My work and ideas are more precise, genuine and creative, not forced. The moment strikes at an unexpected hour and the idea is fully formed and tangible. I work on this task for as long as a feel like it, without obligation to complete in a time constraint. Words seem to flow naturally without 7 edits and selective word choices.

A stark comparison is my Pre-Covid life that seems to revolve around a series of lists. Long lists of things to do providing me with a fleeting sense of achievement once complete – albeit until another list takes form.

The concept of time has changed. Life has slowed down and an ‘I’ll do that tomorrow (maybe)’ attitude has arrived. It would seem that the lockdown has finally enabled me to live and embrace the ethos of my business – a lifestyle of self care and fulfillment. This is kind of ironic. I work full time in finance and built the Dayspa as my side hustle alongside this. I could not have achieved this without optimizing every spare second or thought I was given (a lot of long lists were involved). I had switched jobs and had lunch breaks for the first time since I was a graduate (I find people eat at their desk and trade the break for an hour earlier to get home). This didn’t last, I think there is a slower transition period to any job, but at the time the freedom to let my mind wander – enabled me to draw up the blueprint to my business.

To be clear. My shop is currently closed and this is crushing. I am still working full time from home but with more freedom on my hours (they tend to be earlier or later but coincide with the productivity burst I have had that day). There is more flexibility and freedom in my work and space to breathe. I wonder what lifestyle changes will remain and flourish from this experience. I hope that some will stay with me.

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